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Ilness Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Childhood Illnesses

2.1 There are many childhood illnesses listed below are some examples……… Croup – A child can get croup at any time of the year, although it’s more likely to occur during late autumn/ early winter. This may be because there is more are :- a sore throat, runny nose, high temp and a cough. Over a day or 2 specific symptoms of croup will develop these include a bark like cough, a horse or croaky voice, difficulty breathing ( a harsh grating nois;lk.e when they breathe in) and have difficulty swallowing. If a child shows signs of suffering with Croup seek medical advice / visit GP. Measles – The initial symptoms of measles appear around day 10 after you have…

Dementia Awareness Unit

1. Explain what the term Dementia means 2. Describe the key functions of the brain that are affected by dementia 3. Explain why depression, delirium and age related memory impairment may be mistaken for dementia 4. Outline the medical models of dementia 5. Outline the social models of dementia 6. Explain why dementia should be viewed as a disability 7. List the most common causes of dementia 8. Describe the likely signs and symptoms of the most common causes of dementia 9. Outline the risk factors for the most common causes of dementia 10. Identify prevalence rates for different types of dementia 11. Describe how different individuals may experience living with dementia depending on age, type of dementia, and level…