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Illusion Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Power of the Illusion

The idea of race as viewed through the filter of American history, is an inductive argument in itself, created around propaganda and incomplete science. In Part 2 of Race: The Power of the Illusion, it is shown that the construction of race as a theory in American society was greatly influenced not only by the actions of men but also the ideas and emotions. That the concept of race was built around society as a justification of social practice, speaks loudly about the shallow foundation of race as a defining concept of humanity. The documentary notes that when the United States first declared its independence, blacks though enslaved were not considered by virtue of their race alone to be inferior….

Illusions and Disillusions

There are mix beliefs on how to see and define illusions and disillusions. Some scholars, more particularly those who are oriented in a Freudian school of thought (i. e psychoanalysis) had tried to root out these kind of phenomena through the repressed ideas and desires of the individual. On the other hand, recent researchers most especially those who are schooled in neurology and neuro-psychiatry treat illusions and disillusion as a mental disease or physical problem of an individual. However, recent development in the definition of the said phenomena had tried to reconcile the contrasting schools of thought. Rather than seeing them as exclusively different, some scholars will try to perceive these two views as related. The science of brain anatomy…

Visual illusions

How can visual illusions help us to understand lower and higher level process in visual perception? A visual illusion may refers to the case where what we perceive differs from what we suppose to be correct. As Nicholas et al. (2001) note that the idea of a visual illusion presupposes that the object or pattern concerned would be different under other conditions. One view of illusions is that they can be used as tools to probe the mechanisms of visual perception, because perceptual errors give us clues about the way in which normal perception takes place . Gregory (1997) explains that the act of perceiving is a dynamic process. He goes on arguing that that perception is the brain’s search…