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Illiteracy in Canada Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Illiteracy in Canada and UAE: a comparative look

In the following discussion we shall compare illiteracy situation in Canada and UAE. The UAE is a Middle Eastern country and Canada is a North American country. The economic base of Canada is stronger than UAE; Canada Spends More of GDP Ratio on Education than UAE. The number of nationals (native citizens) in UAE is 825,495 which are almost 25.1% of the total population. On the other hand, expatriates and their families constitute almost 74.9% (3280932) of the UAE total population. The Canada population was 33,506,421 in 2008. ¬†Four out of 10 adult Canadians, age 16 to 65 – representing 9 million Canadians – struggle with low literacy ; ¬†Considering those adult Canadians with low literacy, 15 per cent have…