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Iliad Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Achilles vs Hector

In the story the Iliad, there are two main characters Achilles and Hector, who both are incredible warriors. Achilles is the leader of the Myrmidon soldiers, and he fights for the Greeks. Hector is the son of Kind Priam and he fights for the Trojans. Both of these characters are said to be the strongest and greatest warriors of each of their armies. Both Achilles and Hector have many different heroic characteristics that are the similar and that are very diverse. Achilles and Hector both share a similar glory of war and that love is a driving force and both of them have different views that set them apart which are military glory over family life and both of their…

Hector and Helen

The characters in homer’s Iliad have from time to time afforded a first class battleground for scholars and students alike. Through parallels, contrasts, and counter positioning of characters and actions, the principle characters have been analyzed and objectified as embodiments of certain ideals permeating the Greek society. Helen, like Klytaimestra, Pandora, Medea and Phaedra; has been portrayed as the exemplar of the females sub-ordination to the irrational – particularly sex (Thorton. 84). In her, the destructive specter of a mind dominated by passion and compulsive pleasure endangers men: the defenders of the ideals of the polis. Here, the threat posed by Helen is two pronged, that is: the irresistible allure of her beauty and the mind confusing fire of sexual…

The ancient greek code of honor as demonstrated in Iliad and Odyssey

The Ancient Greeks are a proud people who placed a supreme importance to their accepted ideals of heroic honor. In some instances, fulfilling the duty of the code of honor was considered more important than saving their own lives (Perry 66). The Greek believed that an honorable man is able to keep or defend his woman. The Greek male are often portrayed as courageous and heroic and for him to lose a woman is a blight to his manhood (Perry 66). Iliad is a story of war between the Greeks and the Trojans. In Book 3 it is revealed there that the cause of the seemingly pointless war was to redeem King Menelaus’ honor when his wife, Helen, was kidnapped…

Breaking Binaries in The Odyssey: An Exploration The New Woman in The Penelopiad

In the Homeric Epic, women are cast into one of two dichotomous roles: that of the wise and faithful or that of the foolish and disloyal. However in Atwood’s The Penelopiad these roles are deconstructed such that they become fluid as opposed to concrete—such that the women do not wholly occupy one role or the other but rather move on a balance beam between the two, sometimes leaning nearer to one lateral or the other but never resting on the end points of either side. In the unfettered world of The Penelopiad, woman are granted the voices that they are denied in The Odyssey; they are free to weave their own epic stories of cunning, captivity, danger, victory, and failure….