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If Only I Had Been More Careful, That Wouldn’t Have Happened Essay

Do you still remember the very last journey we took which ended our relation?I remember every single moment on that day.It still fresh in my mind and i think i’ll never forget in my entire life.I still remember one week before that day.I planned to a trip with you for around five days.I wanted to show you my hometown and introduce you to my family members my family members and bring you also visited some tourist attractions there.Not only that, i had prepared a ring for a romantic moment.When the day came,i felt more excited and even felt a little nervous and anxious.On the way back to my hometown,i was extremely happy and thought about introducing you to my family members.I was holding your hand on my lap while driving.You asked me not to hold your hand too tight.

You said i looked cute in my nervousness.We continued our journey but my mind had wondered away,not paying fully attention to my driving.I had increased the car speed and because of that crashed in on other car.The accident not only shocked me but also scared you.Not even one second after the crash,my car had turned over and rolled down the hill.Luckily our car stuck on a big tree.You did not have any injuries from this accident but i knocked my head on the steering wheel and i was bleeding.After leaving the car,i hugged you tightly into my bosom,but this time you hardly tried to push me away.You made me feel the warmth and touch as you rubbed off the blood on my forehead and put on a plaster.I felt more nervous about our relationship although we did not argue about anything.

In about 20 minutes,the tow car towed my car to a workshop and we returned to our homes.After that accident,you did not speak.There was no smile on your face and you looked numb,no matter how i tried to make laugh and talk.Nothing worked.The next morning,i went to your room.I could not find you,i saw your room was empty but you had left a letter for me.You left me silently without saying goodbye to me.At that moment,i felt you had been cruel to me,cruel to our relationship.Our relationship just ended silently.Two years of being together had been wasted.The dream to marry you had broken.I felt everything was hopelessIf only i had been more careful,that wouldn’t have happened.

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