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If I Could Choose I Would Live in a Big Modern City Essay

Some people prefer to live in a big city, while others would like to live in a small town or in the country. Those people who live in a big city and those who live in a small town or in the country lead dif­ ferent ways of life. We choose where to live according to our preferences and character. There are a lot of advantages of living in a big city. Firstly, people have more opportunities to receive good education and to find a well-paid job there. In any city there are a lot of educa­ tional establishments and a great number of firms which need qualified specialists.

Besides, there is a wide choice of entertainment in a big city. One can visit concert halls, theatres, muse­ ums, art galleries, cinemas, clubs, restaurants, cafes, discos and what not. To my mind, a big city gives people all modern conveniences and cultural opportunities. However, it is well-known that citizens suffer from a great number of problems such as traffic jams, huge crowds of people, dirty public transport and many others. Living in a big city is dan­ gerous to your health.

Factories emit tons of harmful chemicals; cars exhaust toxic gas and the air is so dirty that it is hard to breathe. That is why a lot of people prefer living in the country to living in a big city. In a village one can enjoy fresh air, beautiful nature and the quietness of provincial life. To conclude, it’s up to you to decide whether to live in a city or in the country. But I think that if you are tired of noise, illumination and crowds, you can always leave a city and have a rest in the country to improve your health or just for a change of scene.

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