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Identity is crucial for the survival of aboriginal people Essay

Jack Davis shows different techniques of spoken language to maintain the identity of Aboriginal people. The mixture of Nyoongah has effectively used to show the white people how the aboriginal people hold on to their own unique culture, even though their society has been overtaken by whites, and their customs and traditions have been influenced and combined with the new society.

“Ay! You…dawarra you mirri up and get them clothes down the soak….go on!

Protest is important to maintain the survival of aboriginal people of Australia. Explanation
Jimmy Munday survives as an individual because he has the ability to protest against the Neville chef protector of aborigines. He finds his identity within his family and this security allows him ot critically assess and comment on the motives behind government decisions such as the moving of indigenous people from the Government Well Aboriginal Reserve in Northam to Moore River. Example

Jack Davis shows this to be true in no sugar when Jimmy said ”Whole town knows why we’re goin”.”Coz wetjalas in this town don’t want us ‘ere’.” Jimmy’s identity and survival are built on outward protest but other members of his family find more subtle forms of protest. Therefore, this whole concept represents that the protest againt the motives of white people has lead the Aboroginal people to survive in a great depression.

Topic sentence
Famliy is the cornerstone and also maintain the survival of individual even in most traumatic of circumstances.

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