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Identify the three ways the author uses evidence to support assertions Essay

Part 1-First Article
> Identify the three ways the author uses evidence to support assertions. > Identify the places where evidence is employed as well as how the author uses this evidence. Discuss evidence “as the reason” vs. “the support for the reason.” Also discuss evidence as dependent on the issue/context. > Analyzed how the author signals this usage through elements such as word choices, transitions, or logical connections. Article 1 predictive probes by Jerry E. Bishop, talked about Nancy Wexler’s mother died of a disease called Huntington’s disease. Huntington’s disease is a well known hereditary and always fatal affliction that strikes in midlife. Ms. Wexler, 38 year old, president of the Hereditary Disease Foundation in Santa Monica, California. Ms. Wexler lived with uncertainty of whether she has Huntington’s disease or not.

Scientist said that they were on the verge of coming with a new test to detect Huntington’s disease. But Ms. Wexler was deciding whether to take the test or not. Ms. Wexler was terrified that the results could be bad. She felt that if she finds out that she indeed inherit the disease, she will not know how to survive knowing that someday she will die. Test reveals that some has the disease, should be ready a year or so. Researchers discovered that some genes can lead to premature. They also hope to spot those that could predispose anyone to breast or colon cancer.

After reading the article twice, the author used dependent context/issue. The reason of using dependent context/issue, because all topics Jerry E. Bishop was talking about makes a supplication to evidence the course of the argument, but the kind of evidence that is available. The author made the woman felt as if she inherits the Huntington’s disease from her mother. Ms. Wexler also said that taking the test would be terrific for her to see if she did inherit the disease.

The author signals this usage through elements as logical connection. Because the author did a very unbroken reason to take the test that the scientist has come up with finding the fatal ailment known as Huntington’s disease.

Part 2-Second Article
> Identify the author’s use of the three elements: experiment, correlation, and speculation to support assertions. >Analyze how the author signals the use of these elements through language. For example, word
choices, transitions, or logical connections.

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