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IDENTIFY THE SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS WHICH MAY INDICATE THAT A CHILD OR YOUNG PERSON IS INJURED OR UNWELL. The child may complain to the teacher that they don’t feel well or they feel tired, the child’s appearance maybe they look tired, pale and worn out. Also the child may have a high temperature; the child doesn’t take part in any activities and the child keeps saying they want their mum or dad. The child vomits, coughs for a long period of time, refuses food, they become clingy, refuse to play with other children, withdrawn from others, diarrhoea and changes in usual behaviour. If these signs and symptoms do occur this shows that the child is unwell or injured. If the child is in this state it would be best to send the child home so it does not affect the other children. Also by doing this you would be giving the parent a chance to provide medical attention to the child which is what the child would need in this situation.

IDENTIFY CIRCUMSTANCES WHEN CHILDREN OR YOUNG PEOPLE MAY NEED URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION If the child is passing out, unconscious, chocking, temperature is above normal body temperature-showing they have a fever, the child is finding it difficult to breath, a wound that won’t stop bleeding, a head injury with symptoms of concussion and if a child is having a fit. In some circumstances the child would have to be taken to the hospital with the parent if the child needs urgent medical attention, such as having a fit. These are all circumstances were child will need urgent medical attention.

OUTLINE OWN ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN THE EVENT OF A CHILD OR YOUNG PERSON REQUIRING URGENT MEDICAL ATTENTION If a child needs serious medical attention, you tell someone immediately and then do as you are told, that could be either staying with the child to comfort them or get a first aid box or call the ambulance and call the children’s parents. If the child has medicine that needs to be given to them at a certain time, you need their medicine to be prescribed by their doctor so that you are able to give them the medicine and the medicine needs to be kept refrigerated.

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