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Identify Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Importance of Having Your CAC Card

Your Common Access Card, otherwise known as a CAC card, is an important piece of identification that should always be carried around with you especially on and around military bases and facilities. The CAC card has many functions and information that is all personal to you as a military member or Department of Defense worker. When you are issued your CAC card, you learn to use it as your identification card. It has your full name, picture and date of birth printed on it along with what section of the Department of Defense you work with; whether it is a military branch or a civilian employer. Stored on this card is information about you and verification numbers that represent you….

Identify how you would beta test a multimedia project for delivery

Beta testing is a test for a computer product prior to commercial release may it be an application software, an operating system or a multimedia product. It is a stage where in the product is put into a larger community after a rigorous in house test. To some, it is also a way of knowing how well the community responds to the product. Beta testing is the last stage of testing, the last possibility to correct errors that would render a product priceless to customers. And because of this, beta testing of multimedia products is in essence a difficult task. PURPOSE The purpose of this document is to present a strategy to beta test a multimedia product. It presents possible…

Identify the four roles that artists play that have not changed over time

Artist like any other human been, are trying to understand, and explain the world to others, and to themselves, they use their experiences, and imagination, in order to make sense of the world , tangible, or intangible, to do this the artist assume four roles, Henry M. Sayre in his book “A World of Art” define those roles as: 1) Artist help us to see the world in new or innovative ways: In this role the artist will produce a piece that generate a new sensation, or a new way of thinking, as an example the artist Yayoi kusama in her work, “You Are Getting Obliterated in The Dancing Swarm of Fireflies”,2005, she create a room who’s walls, ceiling, and…