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Ideal Behavior Between Daoism And Judaism Essay

Judaism and Daoism are two different religious each with its behaviors differentiating it from other. Both religions have complex philosophies and ways of conducting their worships. Daoism is based on Confucianism and it was founded in China in Han dynasty. It deals with learning of the past. Judaism is a religion that believes in one God who is omnipresent, almighty, omniscient, infinite and eternal. They have Old Testament and they believe in existence of heaven which is the eternal dwelling of the righteous and hell as the eternal dwelling of the wicked.

Daoism and Judaism are two religions each with its beliefs and behaviors making them somehow similar and different. Judaism is different from Daoism because Daoism is a religion that started as a combination of simple philosophy and psychology but grew into a religious faith Daoism and Judaism are somehow similar for they originated from one and the same source who is God Almighty. They are closely interrelated and they have many common rituals, beliefs, worship, laws, rules, wisdom and morals. They are similar because God’s law is universal and the two religions are universal too.

Daoism and Judaism have different ethical code. Daoism refers Laozi as their founders while Judaism believes that Hebrews were founders of the religion. The primary scripture of Daoism is Laozi’s Book of Dao and its virtue while for the Judaism it is the Holy Bible. Daoism has its Daoist philosophy with its main ideological source and took some concepts from Mohist, Yin-Yang and Confucianist. They follow Huang-Lao traditions. Daoism holds longevity and immortality as its highest object of faith.

It advocates for Longevity and Immortality through Nourishing of life. They have practice of virtuous conducted to escape death and reach eternity. Judaism has temple sacrifices along with temple priesthood to function. Taoism has numerous deities under Tao while Judaism they believe in Reincarnation, Heaven or Garden of Eden or Hell. Judaism practice circumcision, they worship on Sabbath in the Synagogues and on the Holy Days like Bar Mitzvahs, marriages and funerals and during festivals like Passover. Their God is called Rabbi.

During special feasts like marriages and funerals and during ancestral worships Taoism worships in the Temple. In Judaism, they believe that their leaders were Moses and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David with Rebbes being spiritual leaders of some Chassidic sects. Taoism believes that their leaders were Lao Tzu Some Taoist sects which have Pontiffs. Judaism believes that Israel is their God-given homeland thus having a strong belief in justice. For the Taoism, when society is compassionate, their government also tries to be generous.

Judaism has a sacred writing known as Torah while that of Taoism is known as Tao Te Chig or The I Chig. Judaism believe that, the State of Israel is the Jewish homeland while Taoism belief that Chinese loves nature. Judaism is a religion based on Law while Taoism is a religion focused more on nature instead of society. Taoism has great concern on ethical thinking, speaking and doing. This is because when an individual behaves in an ethical manner the entire community benefits.

Those who believe in Daoism have focused themselves on nature. Taoism has no commandment and they have no particular action or even thought. In conclusion, Daoism and Judaism are two different religions with some similarities. Judaism is based on religious way of life but Daoism focuses more on nature. Daoism was founded in China in Han dynasty and it is based on Confucianism dealing with learning of the past. Judaism is a religion that believes in one God who is omnipresent, almighty, omniscient, infinite and eternal.

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