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Idea of Happiness Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Idea of Happiness in “I Served the King of England” by Bohumil Hrabal

“I Served the King of England” by Bohumil Hrabal is a tragicomic novel, a first-person account by Dite, a teenage busboy starting his career in a rural hotel in Czechia. The plot progresses gradually as Dite becomes a waiter and than an owner of a hotel, eventually losing everything except wisdom. The book is structured as a series of picturesque episodes demonstrating people whom Dite meets and situations he gets into during the pre-war period, Nazi occupation of the country and eventually under the communist regime. In this paper I am going to concentrate on one psychological aspect of the novel, namely on the idea of happiness as Dite sees it. At first sight, Dite sees happiness in money and…