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Ibrahim Pasha Essay

Ibrahim Pasha makes the sculpturer he found make a sculpture of himself. Kanuni gets very angry with Ibrahim pahsa because of this disrespect of him and doesn’t share his feelings about this with anyone. But later on he shares his feelings with Ibrahim pahsa. As a result of this , he wants to resign since he is afraid of Kanuni’s anger. Then, Ibrahim pahsa comes back to the palace to pick his belongings from his servants. Ibrahim Pasha’s wife Hatice Sultan asks why he is going, whether he will come back to the palace or not.

But he doesn’t want to say anything about the situation despite of her insists then he leaves. Hatice Sultan has a nightmare, her nightmare is that: her husband is killed by Kanuni and the head of her wife is in a sack on the table . When she wakes up, she cries and goes to the salon; she opens the sack and sees the head of Ibrahim Pasha’s sculpture. She thinks her husband has been killed. Then, she goes to her Kanuni’s palace and asks him whether her husband has been killed or not.

Kanuni says he is okay, nevertheless she doesn’t believe. Later, Mustafa leaded on his aunt and she went to her mother’s room. When Valide Sultan saw Hatice Sultan, she went to speak with her son for this situation and she teaches that Ibrahim Pasche was well . Later; she mentioned this situation to her sister. I think this part was the resolution of this episode. At the same time, Ibrahim Pasche was together with his twin brother and he confessed that he didn’t love Hatice Sultan and he loved Nigar.

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