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IB Learner Profile My Personal Traits Essay

IB Learner Profile: My Personal Traits

Hi, my name is___________________, and the three IB Learner Profile Traits I will be talking to you about today are my two best traits and my worst trait. So, my two best traits are Communicators and Open-Minded because I like to talk a lot and i also like to think about ideas people give and compare them to my own. My worst trait is Balanced because I am a terrible time-management person and am trying to release that habit. So I chose Communicators as my best trait because I like to talk a lot, I like to learn about people, and I like to tell people about other people. I think I am this trait because even though I have a speech problem (stuttering) I try to tell people that I am just like them, but have a disability that makes me unique.

Also I am a Communicator because I can ask good questions and explain questions in a way that is unique to me. Another great trait I chose was Open-Minded because I try to ask people for their ideas/thoughts so that I can compare their ideas with my own to see how they are different and the same. I also think I am Open-Minded because I try new ideas whenever I can and always take into consideration the feelings/thoughts/ideas of others, so that they don’t feel left out or so that they don’t feel a part of the group. My worst trait is Balanced because I can never manage my time, and I sometimes forget important things/details that I need to do every day. But if I forget something which can happen occasionally, someone usually reminds me. But if that doesn’t happen, I try to remember myself.

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