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Hyundai Essay Topics & Paper Examples

A project report on customer preference for Hyundai motor

ACKNOWLEDMENT It is difficult to acknowledge a precious debt as that of learning as it is the only debt that is difficult to repay except through gratitude. First and foremost I wish to express my profound gratitude to the almighty, the merciful & compassionate with whose grace & blessings I have been able to complete this work. It is my profound privilege to express my sincere thanks to the Dean Dr.JAYSHREE SURESH (School of Management), for giving me an opportunity to work on the project and giving me full support in completing this project. I am very thankful to my guide Dr. T. RAMACHANDRAN (Professor in SRM University, Kattankulathur) for him full support and guidance in completing this project work….

Hyundai Case Study

Part I Overview 1. Time Context Mr. Muhammad Soeparno was appointed by thegovernment of Indonesia to succeed Mr. Lumenta as President Director of GarudaIndonesia Airways on January 6, 1988. He had to announce his decision in frontof his head quarter’s employees during the monthly flag raising ceremony heldon the 17th of each month. Thus, the problem has to be solved on the 17thJanuary, 11 days after his inauguration. 2. Viewpoint From the first place, the problem was aroused fromthe new President Director of the company. And the person who has the abilityand authority to solve the problem was Mr. Muhammad Soeparno. 3. Major Policy Statement Garuda Indonesia Airways was an airline company. Itwas the first airline company in Indonesia and…