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Hypotheses Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Potential Conclusions or Hypotheses

Based on my knowledge of differences between the north and south, I would say that there are a variety of cultural differences that lead to the discrepancy in physical activity levels. Additionally, I have found that there are a number of factors that affect an individual’s physical activity level. Therefore, I believe that there is not one single cause lying behind the different activity levels in northern and southern states. Instead, this is a complex issue that arises from urban/rural areas, educational activities, team sports environments, and socioeconomic factors. Supporting Argument for the Thesis In order to determine the validity of this thesis, much more information is needed. First, I would need more detailed statistics for each of these states,…

Documentary Hypotheses

Documentary hypotheses is the persuasion of scholars that the Torah was composed by many writers. The authors of the Pentateuch are thought to come from four different traditions known as J, E, D, and P. The J which stands for the Jaw hist are responsible for most of the genesis. The E stands for Elohist referred God to Elohim (Freidman, 1997). E wrote Aqedah story and other parts of genesis, and much of exodus and numbers. D ( the deutronomist ) wrote almost the whole book of Deuteronomy and probably Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and kings. P (the priestly source) provided the first chapter of Genesis, the book of Leviticus and other sections with genealogical information (Freidman, 1997). The following factors…