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Hypothermia Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Hypothermia: Traumatic Brain Injury and Barbiturate Treated Controls

Hypothermia is one of the management strategies that are used in traumatic brain injury patients. Hypothermia occurs when the body’s core or internal temperature is 35oc (Smeltzer et al, 2010: 736). Some of the symptoms are severe shivering and feelings of cold and chills. Death may occur if normal temperature drops to 34oc (Kozier, 2002: 117). Hypothermia in traumatic brain injury patients will be discussed and debated including the negative and positive outcomes of using hypothermia as a management strategy. Hypothermia is classified by (Dougherty et al, 2008: 656) as mild (32 – 35oc), moderate (28 – 32oc) and severe (less than 28oc). He further states that hypothermia causes the metabolic rate to decrease from a core temperature of 35oc…

The Benefits of Induced Hypothermia Following Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest remains one of the major causes of mortality and serious neurological complications in different groups of patients. The return of spontaneous circulation after cardiac arrest cannot usually guarantee successful cerebral resuscitation; that is why professionals had to develop effective emergency strategies that would be fast, reliable, and obviously neuro-protective. Induced hypothermia has come to signify a new stage of medical and scientific development. The last 10 years of medical and scientific research have confirmed the benefits of induced hypothermia following cardiac arrest. In the light of the existing scientific information, mild induced hypothermia (MIH) is undoubtedly beneficial to post-cardiac arrest patient outcomes, including decreased overall incidence of in-hospital mortality and improved neurological function; moreover, MIH is a more…