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Hypericum perforatum Essay Topics & Paper Examples

St. Johns Wort and its Anesthetic Implications

St. John’s Wort or hypericum perforatum is a herb which has gained importance in the treatment of certain psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, sleep-related disorders (Kaye, Kucera and Sabar et al, 2004), vitiligo (Sabar, Kaye and Frost, 2001), fibrositis, cancer, obsessive-compulsive neurosis, headache and sciatica (Kaye, Baluch and Kaye, 2007). It is also used in bronchitis, burns, gastritis, enuresis, hemorrhoids, insect bites, hypothyroidism, scabies, kidney disease and wound healing (Emst, 2002). It is popularly known as amber, hardhay, goat weed, tipton weed or klamath weed (Kaye, Kucera and Sabar et al, 2004). The main active compounds of this herb are hypericin, pseudohypericin, rutin, quercitin and hyperin which probably act by GABA inhibition (Kaye et al, 2005). Some researchers have also…