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Hydroxide Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Determination of the Solubility of Calcium Hydroxide

1. Roughly fill a beaker with 200cm? of distilled water. This does not need to be accurate because samples will be taken from this. 2. Add solid calcium hydroxide, a spatula at a time, and stir to aid the dissolving. 3. Continue to add the calcium hydroxide until no more will dissolve i. e. you can see the solid at the bottom, even after much stirring. The amount of calcium hydroxide needed should be around the value of 0. 3g. 4. Fold a piece of filter paper in half, and in half again and pull one side open to form a cone. 5. Place this cone inside the funnel. 6. Set up a container underneath the funnel. 7. Pour the…

Natural vs. Relaxed

Are we ashamed our natural beauty? Is Relaxed the new natural? Is natural hair not gorgeous anymore? Is straight now really the best hair to have? Nowadays women give their daughters’ relaxers way too early. Giving your daughter a relaxer at age six is way too early their hair barely had anytime to grow out and see what their real texture is like. Relaxers contain chemicals and developing scalps and hairlines are especially prone to damage when these chemicals are applied to them. Unfortunately, because home relaxer kits are so easy and inexpensive to use, children as young as six years-old have been subject to them. Relaxers can sting, burn and cause irreparable damage to a young child’s scalp and…