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Hydrogen Summary Essay

* This is how hydrogen fuel cells work:

1. Gas stored in tanks 2. Atoms reach anode 3. Become hydrogen ion and a free electron 4. Ion goes through electrolyte layer 5. Hydrogen ion passes, but free electron does not 6. Free electron runs through external circuit from anode (-) to cathode (+) 7. Current of electrons creates electricity 8. Hydrogen ion enters cathode and combines with oxygen to become water which is better for the ecosystem because water vapor is not dangerous.

* Why hydrogen as fuel? Efficient: not expensive to fill and it gives you more range. Emission Conscious: Hydrogen fuel cell cars release water vapor back in the atmosphere and don’t damage it by releasing C02 just like the other fuels. Fueling Up/Range: Since hydrogen is stored and highly compressed tanks it can hold more than any other fuel and has a bigger range. Global Economic Competitive Edge: Hydrogen is not as expensive as gasoline and it would cost you about ½ of the money that you used to fill your car with gasoline to fill your car with hydrogen.

* Better than other fuels: Hydrogen VS Ethanol: * Ethanol releases CO2 while hydrogen releases water vapor * Ethanol competes with the food producers(corn in the US, sugar cane in Brazil)and hydrogen doesn’t compete with anyone. * Ethanol is inefficient to produce while hydrogen is efficient. Hydrogen VS biodiesel: * Biodiesel solidifies in cold temperatures and it is harder to travel through the tubes(high viscosity) while hydrogen doesn’t solidify.

* Biodiesel releases the most C02 out of all the fuels. Hydrogen releases water vapor * The range for biodiesel cars is 10% less than propanol cars . Hydrogen cars have 25% more range than biodiesel cars and 15% more than propanol cars. Hydrogen VS propanol: * Propanol has problems in high climates due to viscosity and the fuel solidifying while hydrogen cars don’t have problems with this. * Propanol releases C02 in the atmosphere, hydrogen releases water vapor. * The range for a propanol car is 15% less than a hydrogen car.

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