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Humiliation Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Public humiliation

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the issue of public humiliation as a form of effective punishment, with its critics terming it a harsh yet futile. The use of humiliation an incentive for proper behavior goes against the human psychology. It is a well known fact that people are wary of embarrassment, and this fear often steers them to do the right thing. One is likely to do something wrong so long as they are sure that nobody will ever find out about it. Therefore, the principle is the use of humiliation as a way to induce shame and fear and thus, controlling crimes by instilling a sense of remorse and responsibility while at the same time, acting as…

Michael Leunig cartoon “My Former Self”

Leunig deeply values the truth and he questions why people feel that the truth is never good enough. Leunig acknowledges the difference between who we want to be and who we are, he suggests that people strive to unrealistic expectations concerning career, image, relationships etc. and by lying to themselves and everyone around they lose the importance of the truth. Personally I agree that people try so hard to appear how it is thought they should and to be successful, they lose their inner self and who they are. I think that we can get caught up in the race to the top and we end up living a lie about who we really are and what we really value….

“The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien

Tim O’Brien, author and veteran, covers several multiple in his novel The Things They Carried. The book bases itself on the psychological strain caused by the stress and conflicting interests in the war. O’Brien wants us to see what he’s afraid to look back at. Story truth is his way of facing the confronting the past and admitting his responsibility in it. O’Brien tells his stories from a constant gush of memories. Emotions and morals are among the more evident themes covered in the novel. Pain, embarrassment, love, hate, loneliness, frustration, isolation, bravery, and struggles with morality. All of these, and combinations of these are religiously covered in the book. Though people not involved in a war could never even…

“Havisham” by Carol-Anne Duffy

“Havisham” by Carol-Anne Duffy tells the story of Miss Havisham, a woman who got left at the alter and how it ripped her heart into tattered shreds. Throughout the poem we see just how much pain that love can cause. From the opening of the poem we see how hurt and devastated the character of Miss Havisham is: “Havisham” The title of the poem allows us to see that Miss Havisham clearly does not like the fact that she is unmarried; the omitted word ‘miss’ shows us that she is both ashamed and embarrassed at this. This is a clear indication of the pain that the love she had for this man has caused her. We can relate to her…