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Humanistic Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Humanistic Philosophy of Adult Education

The humanistic philosophy of education grows out of the work of Carl Ransom Rogers. Rogers’ book Freedom to Learn draws on his experience and research in psychotherapy in order to communicate effective teaching strategies (Patterson, 1977). In this book, Rogers argues that “the only man who is educated is the man who has learned how to learn” (cited in Patterson, p. 17). The goal of education, then, must be not only intellectual education but also the growth and development of the entire person, with focus on fostering creativity and self-directed learning (Patterson, 1977). In order to focus on the goal, Rogers advocated experiential learning, where the student learns from everyday life (Patterson, 1977). While others before him had noted the…

Positive Regard

Unconditional Positive Regard is a central concept in the theories of Carl R. Rogers, both for psychotherapy and for interpersonal relations. A universal need for positive regard by others appears at about the same time a person begins to experience awareness of self (Rogers, 1959). In therapy, UPR is a quality of the therapist’s experience toward the client (p. 239). Rogers’ writing sheds light on various aspects of this construct: Unconditional One experiencing UPR holds ‘no conditions of acceptance . . . It is at the opposite pole from a selective evaluating attitude.’ (p. 225) Positive One offers ‘warm acceptance . . . a “prizing” of the person, as Dewey has used that term . . . It means a…