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Human security Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How to Prevent Nuclear Chemical and Biological Threat

In recent years, people from all around the world have already seen the reports about nuclear, chemical and biological accident frequently from the news media, which have been increasingly threatening the survival of human security. When we are fully aware of the threat of nuclear, chemical and biological accident, we should learn that what target measures should be taken to hold the harm of accidents. With the development of high-tech, various military weapons have appeared in the world increasingly. But what hidden behind the success is not only the consumption of resources, but also the huge impact on human itself. So here are some measures as follows. Firstly, the government should propaganda knowledge on nuclear, chemical and biological accidents to…

Polticaal situation of nepal

Introduction The mass movement of April 2006 in Nepal sought to restore parliament for the democratic process to continue and to initiate a peace process for the end of a ten-year long armed conflict. This required the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) to join democratic competition which in turn necessitated the devising of a constitution to manage root causes of conflicts afflicting the nation. Hence, a Constituent Assembly (CA) election, that would pave the way for an inclusive state responsive of social diversity and sustainable peace, was seen as the compromise solution among all the political forces. A train of processes and events was thus set off resulting in the advent of current Nepalese politics. A Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)…