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Human Resources Management Essay Topics & Paper Examples

International and Comparative Human Resource Management

Globalization of business activities has over the recent past happened at rising rates. With the rapid growth of technology, coupled with constant innovations, several corporate organizations have targeted to operate in global scale. With the advent of multinational corporations, the landscape of human resource has undergone a lot of transformations that have given it a new definition. It is important to note that the definition of human resource management has not remained the same given the international dimension added to it (Edwards & Rees 2006; Brewster & Harris 1999). The degree to which a corporation or company can be considered to be multinational is normally determined by looking at and assessing human resource management policies it has put into place…

Human Resources Management

An individual can work hard due to various reasons which may be arising as a result of motivation in the organization. One factor that can make an individual to work hard is satisfaction received from the job he or she is doing and also from the organization (Pepitone, & Bruce, 1999, pp. 86). From the motivation theory of Douglas McGregor who came up with the theory Y and theory X, as he examined individual behaviors at work, he outlined several factors that can help us understand why people work hard in their work places. From the assumptions of theory X, we can say individuals work hard as result of how they are being controlled by the person in charge of…