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Hughes Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Langston Hughes

Of the major black writers who first made their appearance during the exciting period of the 1920s commonly referred to as “the Harlem Renaissance,” Langston Hughes was the most prolific and the most successful. As the Harlem Renaissance gave way to the Depression, Hughes determined to sustain his career as a poet by bringing his poetry to the people. At the suggestion of Mary McLeod Bethune, he launched his career as a public speaker by embarking on an extensive lecture tour of the South. As he wrote in his autobiography: “Propelled by the backwash of the “Harlem Renaissance” of the early twenties, I had been drifting along pleasantly on the delightful rewards of my poems which seemed to please the…

Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes

An analysis of Langston Hughes’s poem Dream Deferred will reveal a significant commentary on the driving force in America today. It is undeniable that every one of us has dreams or goals that we want to pursue and achieve. Although all of us have their own little dream, this poem reiterates that in some cultures, it will be (and is) harder to achieve their goals. In this particular poem, Langston Hughes expressed his dreams and how they become during a hard time. The fact that he is a black man during the height of the African-American oppression, his ambitions and dreams was really hard to achieve—thus, he became frustrated. He expressed on how and what he really feels about a…