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Huella Online Essay

Huella Online Travel was an Internet travel portal Founded in 1999 in Kuala Lumpua, Malaysia targeting Greater China and Asian Pacific. It expanded into 10 different markets across Asia, including Hong Kong. Huella online travel sells travel related products and services to customers, on behalf of suppliers, such as airlines, car rentals and hotels. Problem Statement

Hong Kong consumers have low interest in buying airline tickets online although internet penetration is quite high. Research Objectives
Huella‘s Hong Kong site was launched in 2000. Revenue growth in Hong Kong had been less than expected. Huella market share in Hong Kong to be only 4% compared 9% in Singapore. In this regard, we seek to •To get a depth insight into Hong Kong online travel market •To find rationale behind low usage of online booking of airline tickets in Hong Kong especially people belonging to the age group of 18-35 •Perception of Huella brand and its Hong Kong website

Research Design
The research will be conducted with the help of survey through the feedback of questionnaires from a sample of 300 people (including both male and female) belonging to the age group of 18 to 35 and will be conducted online. The sample will focus students, business executives and leisure travellers. The respondents used to fill the questionnaire will be based on Random Sampling. DATA ANALYSIS

The answers of the questions in the questionnaires will be analyzed on the basis of scale which may vary from question to question and is constructed at the time of preparation of the questionnaires. The results will be shown in terms of percentages and the graphical representation of people’s preferences in terms of percentages and ratios. BUDGET

The overall cost may range from $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 approximately. SCHEDULE
The Research may take Three months, according to the schedule as follow: One month for the questionnaires to be filled by respondents. One Month for the Data Analysis.
One Moth for the preparation of Report.

Essay Topics:

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