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Huawei Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Huawei’s Core Competencies

Facing the China’s Telecom Equipment industry double-digit grow and becoming the largest telecom market in the world, all leading firms in each subsectors of Global telecom equipment take this opportunity to invest in china. Huawei, a Chinese challenge, was starting its challenge to Cisco insurmountable leadership position in international telecom equipment industry. Besides, to succeed its challenge Cisco in this industry, Huawei’s needed to show it pin-point company strategy on its capabilities and core competencies, generic competitive strategy framework and international strategy to against Cisco. Huawei’s Capabilities and Core Competencies Huawei’s Resources audit First of all, Huawei’s existing finance funds is large included working capital such as investment on more than US$370 million for its own Code-Division Multiple Access Technologies….

What constraints do Huawei face in its internationalization

For this case, we could divide constraints that Huawei faced during its internationalization into 2 main layers, unfamiliar formal and informal institution of the host country. Constraints of Formal Institution: Regulation Eventhough Huawei were successful in their local market, they failed to enter the US market during 2001 to 2003 as being careless of the regulation in the host country. By that time, Huawei challenged CISCO’s telecommunication products with high quality and low price strategy. They launched a fierce marketing campaign and hit CISCO hardly with 30% lower prices. This strategy would be successful if Huawei recognized that they had not registered its patents of such products in the US market. Finally, CISCO countered back by suing Huawei for intellectual…

Huawei Research

The purpose of this report is to find out how Huawei positioned in the industry of mobile phone. We went through all Huawei’s background, offering, purpose, market contexts and understanding the business operations of Huawei. We also analyse and evaluate what marketing strategies and marketing mix to help them hold their position in such competitive industry. After understanding the concept of the marketing strategies, we investigate that the marketing segmentation and the targeting strategies which Huawei used to position itself in the market. We use it to compare and explain why the Huawei choose the strategies in promoting their products. After investigating the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) marketing strategies, we have done our further report with the concept of…