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How We Face Adversity Essay

Our life distingue into two, that is lucky and adversity. Sometimes, the people who face the adversity, they easy to give up their life and do something will harmful themselves like suicide to end their life. So, everybody does not encourage to do some dangerous action when face the adversity or want to reduce their stress.

When we face the adversity, we must think positive and have a positive attitude. We must think how to solve the problems but do not think why the problems always happen. Do not be too pessimism because it cannot change anything but let us feel more disappointed. Instead, we need to realize that the adversity is the common lot of mankind. When we face adversity, we can look for help from our parents, friends, and counselors. They may be can give us many useful advice.

Besides, we must keep things in perspective. In difficult times, we need to introspect and keep our life in focus rather than see things loosening around us. In addition, we do not feel scare when face the adversity. We must brave to face the adversity because we can learn something new from the adversity. This can prevent the adversity to happen again.

If we feel disappointed when face the adversity, we can look the motivation story as motivate for us to face the adversity. Lastly, the only one thing can do when we do not have anything to do is praying, hope the God can bless us when we face the adversity.

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