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How to Write About Poetry Essay

Poetry may be considered as a painting or sketch done in words rather than in ink or color. To write about poetry we must have an understanding of what the poet is trying to communicate. For this we need to place ourselves in the poets’ shoes and understands his sentiments and interpret his expressions accurately & correctly. To begin writing about poetry we need to consider roughly ten important points.

First, consider the nature of the poem i.e. the flow of thoughts that form the poem. The flow needs to be mentioned when the basic elements of the poem are discussed. Second, are the identifications of the central character and the setting of the poem. In order to write about the two it becomes imperative to understand how the poet relates to both and how he uses them in his poem. Third, diction and imagery should be discussed, determining the impact they have on the reader.

The description of the figures of speech; metaphors & simile, used in the poem is imperative as it provides a deeper understanding of the thoughts expressed. The tone of the poem should also be discussed as it tells one what to expect (humor, tragedy). Talking about the sound, rhyming, shape and symbolism is an indication of the extra touches used by the poet to make his poem a pretty read. Last but most important, a good description of the meaning, theme and idea is required as it puts forth a simplified yet effective image of the poem for the reader to understand.

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