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How to Say Nothing in 500 Words -Response Essay

The writer of this text gave some very influential information that I could really use to further develop my writing skills. I admit that I do generally use common things that everyone uses and that do affect my scores on essays. After reading this, I really want to improve my essays by using more descriptive language and venturing out of the box.

Surprisingly, even though the speaker’s essay was written 50 years ago it is still very relevant today. I strongly believe that we as English students get caught in a rut to write intelligent, but long essays. It is extremely time-consuming and frustrating to think of new things to write when the simple things to talk about are so easily assessable to talk about. I find that when I share what I talked about in an essay, a lot of my peers have used the same things I used. The author of this essay really opened my eyes on stepping out of common ideas.

His view on students is also very accurate also. He catches the procrastination of a paper to late on Sunday night, which is very true. His view on the college football player was quite correct also. He really did show the struggles of students and how we do have difficulties with finding ways to spice up a paper.

I could only imagine being a teacher and having to suffer through 150 copies of virtually the same essay. I don’t have the viewpoint to accurate assess how they feel about it, but I would definitely dread it. In my experience, graders and teachers give better grades to students who go against the common topics. If I was a teacher, I would reward creativity more than mainstream thinking also.

I was able to read through quite long essay because he succeeded in using his own techniques to make his work more interesting to read. He used higher level sentences that did not mock my intelligence and was able to give wholesome advice and amazing examples. Also he did not beat around the bush or censor any of his statements which helped to prove his point. The writer of this essay truly educated me on how to gain more success when writing my
essays and to challenge myself when thinking of topics.

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