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How to Make Curry Rice Essay

Do you like curry rice? Curry rice is the food originated in India. Now, curry rice is popular in Japanese homes. Japanese eat curry rice once a week. Curry rice is easy to make and contains a variety of nutrients. It’s not difficult to make curry rice if you follow these three steps; cut the ingredients, fry the ingredients, boil the ingredients. You need four ingredients to make curry rice: potato, carrot, onion, beef. Curry rice is cooked with these ingredients and a pan. Various spices are used to curry. For example, all spice, cardamom, cumin, and so on. Each spice has a role to bring out the flavor of curry. For example, all spice flavor bittersweet taste. Cardamom perfume refreshing fragrance with a strong to curry.

These spices are the source of the taste of curry. It is the origin of the pungent condiment. Ingredients and spices are mixed well, and then curry rice becomes good taste. The first step in the process of making curry rice is to cut the ingredients. First, peel the vegetables. And then, cut to the size of the bite-sized vegetables. At that time you had better put potatoes in water to remove excess potato starch. The next step in the process of making curry rice is to fry the ingredients in the pan. In this step, put oil to pan. At the same time you should heat the pan. After that you should add the ingredients and condiment to it. By adding condiment ingredients are seasoned related to basic.

The last step in the process of making curry rice is boiling well the ingredients in the pan. After frying the ingredients pour water to the pan and boil well until the ingredients become soft. Then add curry sauce to the pan. At this point you should mix ingredients that are in the pot with a ladle. If you want to make it more delicious, you had better add honey to it. When you finish these steps, serve on a plate curry rice. As you can see, making curry rice is easy. Curry rice is wonderful cooking which contains various nutrients. By following these steps, you can make curry rice easily.

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