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How to be a New York Police Officer? Essay

A State with low crime rate and has deliberately peaceful community shows the effectiveness of the law and policies that the State has provided. Police department together with other related agencies is the prime partner of the government in maintaining the peace and order in the communities. With the proper and legal implementation of the state policies, people will not be worried of any threats or crime hat might harm them. The New York Police Department (NYPD) is currently the largest in population amounting to about 37,838 in January 2007.

The core responsibility lies in enforcing the law and investigation of the crimes committed within the five areas of New York City. Being the largest police department in the US, it has specialized into broad divisions which include, the tactical operations, harbor patrol, intelligence, counter-terrorism, bomb disposal, and narcotics. Public transportation and public housing are also part of the responsibility of the department. According to a various statistics, police force is apparently decreasing.

In June 2005, the number of sworn officers dropped to 35,000 from 40,000 in June 2004. In an interview to a New York police officer upon taking his opinion of reasons why there is decreasing number of sworn officers in the last 5 years, he certainly said that this may be due to the salary of a police officer which is only amounting to about $35,000 to $40,000 per annum. This salary is hardly to support the needs of the family and this amount is much lesser compared to other neighboring police department.

As a tactical operation officer, he deliberately said that giving his life for the community is what he wants but with what is going on with the administrative part of the department, he considered shifting to other departments like the Port Authority Police which gives more salary for their officers. Reference “Careers. ” New York Police Department. Retrieved April 4, 2009 @ http://www. nyc. gov/html/nypd/html/careers/cadet_corps. shtml

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