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How to apply Essay

Please read these notes carefully before completing your application form. This is important as it provides the only information we use to assess your suitability for the job and our decision whether or not to progress your application.

As part of our Equality and Diversity policy we like to ensure that information about candidates is provided in the same format and all applicants are therefore asked to complete the standard application form. You may send in a CV to support your application but you must still complete the application form in full. This is an essential part of the selection process.

Each vacancy advertised is based upon a Job Profile and Person Specification. The Job Profile lists the key responsibilities attached to the post whilst the Person Specification outlines the skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and competencies which are either essential or desirable. Please consider these carefully so that you know what the job involves and how you can match this in terms of your skills, abilities and knowledge. All candidates will be assessed against the essential and desirable criteria outlined in the Person Specification.

Complete all parts of the application form (including the Equality & Diversity Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Offenders sections) and ensure that the information you supply is clear, precise and is aimed at the job you are applying for. Always ensure that any additional sheets are securely attached to your application form or email.

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