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How Technology Has Changed the World Essay

The world has surely changes a lot in just a few years. The life people are living right now is way different than the life people used to live some years back. And if there’s something responsible for this change, it’s technology. Technology has surely changed the world. It has also changed or thoughts about gadgets and other technological stuffs. Technology is that one thing that has been evolving each and every day making life of people simpler and easier. Technology is something that everyone is fond of. Doesn’t mater if it’s a 5 year old boy or a 60 year old man,. everyone is interested int technology Technology has changed the way we look at out lives.

Technology has brought a drastic change in your life. In our parents time, the term “Luxury” referred to Gold, Silver, acres of land they owned. But now, the most luxurious products are “Gadgets” or technological innovations. Technology has become everything for people. You want to decorate your house, you go for a big 65″ led TV. You love music, you go and get a 5.1 Woofer which gives enough bass to shake the whole building. What you have describes your class. Anyone today wants to stay updated. No matter who you are, you will need to know about technology if you don’t want to be called a fool. Technology has inspired a lot of us including me. So, let us all stay updated and know about gadgets.

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