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How Personal Can Ethics Get Essay

Discuss how personal differences and preferences can impact organizational ethics. Organizational ethics are ethics of an organization. According to (Butts & Rich, 2008) The ethics of an organization refers to an organization attempt to define its missions and values, recognize values that could cause tension, seek best solutions to these tensions, and manage the operations to maintain its values. In dealing with people from all walks of life and different morals it can easily put up a bridge, between ones values and beliefs. After all we are who we are according to the “Stages of Moral Development” developed by Lawrence Kohlberg who is best known in the field of psychology of ethical decision making and behavior.

One’s own personal beliefs and principles can impact their work environment if they are trustworthy, exemplifies a positive attitude, work well with people (internal and external in the work environment), dependable, and etc. This type of person is someone who would be considered to have a great impact in an organization, because of the values and beliefs they display in the work place. Meanwhile a person, who is seen as rude, has a negative attitude (towards people in and outside of the work environment), lacks integrity, and lazy (always doing something upper-handed to get by), the chances of that person being the downfall of an organization is 80/20, due to the fact this person is someone who doesn’t value others well-being, because of the negative morals they learned.

A person’s professional ethics are just an expansion of their learned individual ethics. Personal differences and preferences impact organizations all the time, which is why it is so important ethics, play a key role so that unethical behavior doesn’t go unnoticed. Discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics. Organizational policies and procedures can have both a positive and negative impact with regards to ethics. An organization may have a positive impact if policies and procedures are based on good business ethics.

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