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How I Taught My Grandmother Essay

a) Triveni was a popular writer because of her style of writing was very easy-to-understand and also convincing. Moreover, she used to write on the complex psychological problems in the lives of common people which was another reason of her popularity.

(b) The grandmother could not read the story that appeared in the magazine as she had never been to school. So she used to depend on her granddaughter who read the story to her.

(c) The following two sentences spoken by the grandmother tell us how desperate was she to know what happened in the story: 1. “Many times, I rubbed my hands over the pages wishing I could understand what was written.” 2. “I even thought of going to the village and asking you to read for me.”

(d) Yes, the grandmother succeeded in accomplishing her desire to read. To accomplish this she worked hard with some target. She made the ‘Saraswati Pooja’ day as the deadline. And by this day she was able to read a book independently.

(e) The grandmother had a strong determination and also emotional. She was determined to learn to read. She worked hard with strong determination in order to achieve her target before the deadline she had set to herself. After she had accomplished her desire, she expressed her gratitude to her granddaughter. She touched the little girl’s feet because she felt it was her duty to respect her teacher irrespective of the gender and age. The grandmother was seemed to be very emotional when she told the story of her life to her granddaughter.

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