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How I Learned to Read Essay

When I was little my Mom and 2 older sisters enjoyed reading. My favorite books when I was younger were the little Critter books by Mercer Mayer’s, which they would always read to me. Seeing them read the books and watching how everything they had read related to the pictures inside the books made me want to learn to read, which led to me learning to read when I was about 5 years old, once I began reading I couldn’t put down a book. At the age of 4 I learned the alphabet and what sounds each letter made.

As I got older I began learning how to pronounce words put together and sentences by using flashcards with pictures on them. When I started learning to read I was happy and anxious. Seeing the pictures with the letter it started with helped me remember how the letters sound. An example is D and then there would be a Dog on the flashcard. However learning to read was stressful to me, I would get frustrated and mad because I couldn’t pronounce words correctly.

I thought since I wanted to read that I would just begin to read suddenly. I didn’t realize that to learn to read was a dedication and that it would be difficult at the beginning, and that it meant don’t give up and to keep trying until I accomplished what I wanted to learn. Me wanting to learn to read was a goal I had when I was younger, and not only taught me how to read but not to give up on any goals I might have in life.

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