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How Employees Relate to One Another Sets Gore Apart Essay

1. What evidence is there that W.L. Gore and associates aspire to meet the goal of human relations? With their promise to provide a challenging, opportunity-rich, work environment with reasonable job security, Gore & Associates is able to encourages hands-on innovation and in term maximizing individual potential, while cultivating and environment that fosters creativity and also to operate with high integrity. Their system works, and they have proven this to us for more than 50 years. For a company to be in the green for every year they have had their doors open to the world, they must be doing something right. Everyone knows that a happy worker is a productive worker, and I believe that Gore & Associates get this. They strive on making their employees happy ones, and by looking at their numbers, they know exactly what it takes.

2. How does Gore and Associates depict an organization that fully appreciates the “systems effect”? In a “systems effect” all people in an organization are affected by at least one other person, and each person affects the whole group or organization. By using a system approach to business, Gore and Associates develop high-performing individuals and groups. Individuals and groups are the foundation of an organization and human relations is the foundation of supporting performance. By understanding the company as a whole, but also by what each individual does to play part to the company’s overall growth and wealth, they can really take a whole new prospective look at how even the smallest matter can change the whole outlook on the company, and how each individual plays part in the success of the business.

3. One can argue that W.L. Gore’s lattice structure encompasses some of the unexpected discoveries brought out by Elton Mayo and the Hawthorne Studies. Identify some features of the lattice structure that align with some of the unexpected discoveries of the Hawthorne Studies. Hawthorne Studies refers to an increase in performance caused by the special attention given to employees, rather than tangible changes in the work. Gore’s lattice structure is a proven method, with no titles, no bosses, no formal hierarchy, and with compensation and promotions that are strictly decided by peer rankings of each other performance, the overall performance increased because of the special attention given to employees. A happy worker is a productive worker. Studies have shown that workers are usually, but not always, more productive then unhappy workers. W.L. Gore understood this and strives on sustaining a work environment that harbors career success.

4. How does Gore’s “sponsorship” program contribute toward meeting some of the 10 human relations guidelines outlined in the Chapter? By freedom to encourage, help and allow other associates to grow in knowledge, skill, and scope of responsibility, sponsors help associates chart a course for success in the organization. I believe that Gore & Assoc. stands out among other companies because they allow people to grow and actually work towards something better. The more effort a person puts into his career the more he can get out of it. By sponsors showing genuine interest in their colleges, and by helping others, they create win-win situations, both small and large scale to the company’s overall growth.

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