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How does knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provide a context in which to understand current practice? Essay

In order to be a success in anything, one needs to have a foundation. Children’s foundations are created by their parents. Concrete manmade objects have deep structural foundations. Beliefs such as religious or spiritual beliefs are less tangible. But like nursing, the history and the role models that came before us are the foundations upon which we continue to practice. Through trial and error and through painstaking groundwork, our founders such as Florence Nightingale and others (……….20..) have provided the foundation for the future growth of nursing.

I noticed three trends from the required timeline reading:

Florence Nightingale looked at trends affecting the health and healing of patients. By doing so, she help to reform how the health organization looked at sanitary conditions, thereby improving the infection rate (Creasia & Friberg, 2011). The research for the containment of infectious microbes continues today. In the last year or so, the new policy “gel in, gel out” has been implemented in many hospitals as they discovered that nurses often did not wash their hands between patients. Antiseptic gel has been placed just inside every patient room, along with being in the corridors.

Another trend that began way back when and continues today is the need for continuing education in nursing. Linda Richards (nee 1841-1930) received the first diploma in nursing, and went on to organize schools for further the education of women. (………) These women were already tending to the sick, but by enriching their knowledge, they became better caregivers. Today, the trend continues. There is a push for all nurses to get their BSN’s. To understand the theory behind their actions will improve healthcare outcomes.

Isabel Adam Hampton Robb was the first president of the American Nurses Association. She recognized the power that nurses have if they unite in their beliefs. She was a founder of the American Journal of Nursing (NursingWorld, 2013), which still exists today. The American Nurses Association and its peer reviewed journal, NursingWorld also remain in existence. These journals continues to inform and educate the nursing
profession with current information, new polices and theories.

These trends show us that the nursing profession is an ever changing profession, that need to evolve with our ever changing society.

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