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How different aspects of development can affect one another? Essay

If a child’s hearing is lost or damaged a child may lack speech development. A child needs to learn to speak before they are able to read and write therefore there is a delay in language and communication development this will also have impact on their social and emotional development loosing self-esteem when older and may be reluctant to join in with their peers and joining in with discussions in class

A child who is overweight could have disruption within their physical development not being able to do as well in sports and pe as others. This will have effect on their emotional development feeling self-conscious of what others think. so when they are getting changed they could feel embarrassed which could lead to teasing which will then affect their social development by not wanting to join in with games and affecting their health even more.

If there is sudden death in the family and it is someone they are close to this would have an effect on their emotional development feeling sad, lonely, upset and may not know where to turn to or who to talk to as other members of their family are upset as well. With not knowing who to turn to and all the feelings running through their heads this could have an affect also on their intellectual development not being able to concentrate in class showing bad behaviour to get attention and not wanting to communicate with others to tell what they are going through lacking there social development.

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