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House of Saud Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Business Gone Green Ethical Reasoning Assignment

AB0603 Business Gone Green Ethical Reasoning Assignment Summary Page| Your name: Chia Xinying| Your Instructor: Dr. Josephine Lang| Seminar Group: 01 Word Count: 1095| Briefly lay out, in bulleted-form in the space provided within this page (i.e., do not elaborate), the content of your write-up in addressing the various criteria in the ethical reasoning rubric.| Criteria| Your points| 1. Specify the ethical issue identified| * Edited women from their Saudi Arabia’s catalogue * Goes against Ikea Group and Sweden’s values * Reflects the pervasive ethical business challenge faced * Further ethical implications such as cultural imperialism| 2. Issue construction: Theoretical perspectives used to elaborate on the issue| * Consequentialism – Ethical Egoism: Self interest to garner business support justified *…