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Hotel Billing System Proposal Essay

Hotel Billing System is made to ease the billing system of Hotel businesses. There are a lot of big hotels that are very modern, but there are still small hotels that uses manually in calculating their billings. These systems help them that even they are in small business they can afford to use an automated system in terms of billing. The system is about how to calculate the billings in easy way. The only thing to do is to input all of the charges and the required information in order to calculate the bills, the system will perform the calculation once all requirements are imputed. Our concern of doing this project is meeting the satisfaction of the Hotel Businesses that will use our system.

But in order to know if we can reach their standards we have to do this project at any cost and at any ways. This project is not just all about calculations of billings it is the way of telling to all businesses that we are now in modern era that all things can be done by means of using technologies. Even they are starting their businesses they can use automated system to help them. It is also can saved time, in manually calculation they are intend to calculate it one by one and there are big risk of mistakes can be happen. But when they used this system we can lessen these struggles and can saved more time.

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