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Hong Kong Fitness Essay

“We expect to be opening our newest center in Causeway bay which has the largest staff of any center. They will provide the greatest service and suitable advices of gym to our members, helping them get fit faster and stay fit longer. I believe that it would be the best and one of a kind gymnasium in Hong Kong,” said Joyce Ng, CEO of Hong Kong Fitness. “We are pleased to be the guests of ribbon cutting and have opportunity to visit this 1,000 square-meter gym,” said by James Lane and Betty Tang. After speech, visitors can visit the facilities and join free yoga classes.

The center has dedicated areas for training and yoga classes. Visitors can also try advanced electronic fitness equipment out, such as running machine and exercise bike. The newest center provides over 18 training and yoga classes, such as jazzercise, boxing and dance classes, opening 24hours a day, 7 days a week. It is convenient to people who are busy in the daytime. Personal training, nutrition and health care planning, babysitting services are also available.

About Hong Kong Fitness

Established in April, 2010, Hong Kong Fitness is the most popular fitness club in Asia and presently has over 188 locations in 15 Asian cities. The mission of Hong Kong Fitness is to promote health and wellness in the community. Hong Kong Fitness not only offers a variety of health and fitness programs, but also has advanced electronic fitness equipment in order to helps its members to get fit faster and stay fit longer.

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