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Honduras Essay Topics & Paper Examples


The Republic of Honduras is located in the north-central part of Central America, and has two coastlines, one being the Pacific, and the other being the Caribbean. Honduras is the second largest county in Central America. Honduras is almost as big as Tennessee, and contains many mountains, river valleys, narrow coastal plains, and fertile plateaus. Nicaragua is located to the east of Honduras, while Guatemala is to the west, and El Salvador is to the south. Honduras follows a Democratic constitutional republic government. Honduras was territory of the Mayan civilization during the first millennium. In 1821, Honduras declared its independence from Spain, to for m a federation of Central American states with four other nations. One year later, Honduras left…

The corrupt police

After closely reading Sonia Nazario’s 2006 Enrique’s Journey book, I can only gladly marvel at the author’s expertise in exploring the smallest facets of human nature. To illustrate, through the book, Nazario digs into the surface to demonstrate that humanity can demonstrate unparalleled hope, resilience, and determination. Such traits are evident through the actions of the book’s protagonist – Enrique. On the flipside, reading the book has made me feel deep contempt with regard to the author’s depiction of some very unbecoming human qualities. For example, Nazario explains that some of the characters in the book portray behaviors that make the lives of other people very hard and even dangerous. Key among such characters are the corrupt Mexican police who…