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Honda Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Honda: Sedans and Crucial Market Segments

When it comes to family sedans and smaller cars and SUVs, for the last two decades, Honda and Toyota ranked as top choices for many Americans. Not any more. It seems that more and more U.S. motorists that once drove Corollas, Civics, Accords and Camrys exclusively are now looking at alternatives. Although supply of certain Toyotas and Hondas is still proving problematic following the March 11 earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, the decline in both automaker’s fortunes is being blamed on a lot more than just natural disasters. According to Eric Nobel, of the Orange, California based consulting firm The Car Lab, both Honda and Toyota are losing ground, because their products haven’t been competitive in crucial market segments since…

Honda Environmental Leadership

Honda Motor Co. is the largest motor cycle manufacturer and a leading automaker in the world. With a worldwide network of over 501 subsidiaries, Honda’s diverse portfolio includes small sized general purpose engines to scooters and sports cars. The philosophy of Honda Motor Co. is well entrenched with the Japanese culture of pursuing the ‘triple joys’. The triple joys reflect the joys of buying, selling and creating. The company has been particularly recognized world over for its initiatives in tackling environmental challenges. Although environmental concerns and need for reciprocative action became eminent in the mid 1980s, Honda’s efforts in this direction can be attributed to the 1960s when air pollution was first understood. The environmental leadership at Honda is deeply…

Supply Chain of Honda

The supply chain encompasses all activities associated with the flow and transformation of goods from raw material stage (extraction), through to the end user, as well the associated information flow. Material and information flow both up and down the supply chain. Supply chain management emphasizes the logistics interaction that take place among the functions of marketing, logistics, and production within a firm and those interaction that take place between the legally separate firms within the product-flow channel. It is important to note that supply chain management is about the coordination of product flow across functions and across companies to achieve competitive advantage and profitability for the individual companies in the supply chain and supply chain members collectively .It is difficult,…