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Hominidae Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Humanitarian activities

Humanity can be defined as quality of being human; the peculiar nature of man, by which he is distinguished from other beings. Being human does not mean that an individual possesses humanity. If you want to understand the quality of humanity in an individual take note of what he does for people who give noting back in return to the favour they have offered. One of the most outstanding examples of extra- ordinary humanity in a human being has been portrayed beautifully by Mother Teresa. Humanity means caring for and helping others whenever and wherever possible. Humanity means helping others at times when they need that help the most, humanity means forgetting your selfish interests at times when others need…

The evolution of human intelligence

The evolution of human intelligence refers to a set of theories that attempt to explain how human intelligence has evolved. These theories are closely tied to the evolution of the human brain and to the emergence of human language. The timeline of human evolution spans approximately 7 million years,[citation needed] from the separation of the Pan genus until the emergence of behavioral modernity by 50,000 years ago. The first 3 million years of this timeline concern Sahelanthropus, the following 2 million concern Australopithecus and the final 2 million span the history of actual human species (the Paleolithic). Many traits of human intelligence, such as empathy, theory of mind, mourning, ritual, and the use of symbols and tools, are already apparent…

Pathological Modern Human or Evolutionary Offshoot

Upon initial discovery of the skeletons at Liang Bau cave on the island of Flores in Indonesia in 2003, these enigmatic skeletons were appropriately dubbed ,”Hobbits” by Australian and Indonesian researchers because of their small stature and curious bone structure. The location of the skeletons themselves is interesting because of the remoteness of the island from the Asian continent. This leads one to wonder how these people’s ancestors came to the island in the first place close to 800,000 years ago. It is highly debated whether or not these tiny skeletons are evidence of an offshoot of one of our evolutionary ancestors or examples of modern humans with pathologies that caused the deformities. If these skeletons are proved to be…