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Arts of the contact zone

In “”Arts of the Contact Zone” Pratt gets the point across that cultures should recognize the “contact zone.” By giving examples like Poma’s writing and a homework assignment that her son had, Pratt defines the contact zone as the “meeting of cultures with asymmetric power.” (p 487) The word “cultures” refers to every type of group in my eyes, groups such as sports teams and even classrooms. A classroom can be defined as a contact zone because the Teacher and the students are the two cultures, while the power is tilted toward the teachers favor. Pratt shows one of her son’s assignments where he answered the teacher’s questions in the same sequence that they were asked, resulting in little to…

Creative writing

Student Responsibility plays a key role in becoming a successful writer at the college level. Patty Strong, Lennie Irvin, and Donald Murray all talk in their articles about how students can succeed in college and what they will need to know and expect when writing at the college level. All three Authors explained their message in different ways but all three message’s imply that student responsibility is key for college writers. Although the authors took different approaches for their article, All three Authors can agree that Student Responsibility is a big part in making sure that a college student does well. Donald Murray, a college professor at the University of New Hampshire, discusses in his article, “The Maker’s Eye: Revising…