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Homework Assignment Essay

1) How could an organization benefit from attending one of the courses offered at the Intense School?

By attending of the course offered at the school an organization would gain valuable knowledge on how to protect their system from hackers. If the organization were heavily dependent on the smooth operation of their IT system this would be essentially important. The amount of knowledge that would be gained from the courses, they can facilitate the creation of a better security system.

2) What are the two primary lines of security defense and how can organizational employees use the information taught by the Intense School when drafting an information security plan?

The two primary lines of security defense are through people first and technology second. The courses will enlighten the employees how easy it is for hackers to deploy social engineering to gain private information from them. Employees can use the information taught at the school to draft an information security plan that details how an organization will implement the information security policies. The school will most likely teach many of the tricks to social engineering and hacking, which the employees can use to create the detailed information security policies.

3) Determine the differences between the two primary courses offered at the Intense School, “Professional Hacking Boot Camp” and “Social Engineering in Two Days.” Which course is more important for organizational employees to attend?

The two main differences is that one covers the Technology of the security defense line and the other covers issues with the People. The course Social Engineering in Two Days is more important for organizational employees to attend because it would be easiest for hackers to gain access through employees giving away passwords, leaving password lying around, etc.

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