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Homeless Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Homeless Teenage Experience

Who could ever imagine a young fourteen to fifteen year old ninth grade freshman girl in high school would have been sleeping on subway trains in New York City. Surviving on two bags of crunchy cheese doodles, along with a chocolate twenty five cent swiss roll ,and just barely able to take baths? Well that was life for me in the late nineties. I grew up in a middle class well off family. Although my mother was always at work we had everything we needed and somewhat wanted. I made straight A’s all through elementary and junior high school. My mom and her friends would reward me with dinners and trips to Nordstrom. I wanted a different kind of recognition…

Homeless Shelter

When reading a news story the best thing to do is can open mind. When a person is done reading a news story then the person can take the time to research and read more than one article about the subject. Reporters do not always have time to do hours or days of research to make sure that all the facts are stated correctly. Even when the time is put into doing the research the reader may interpret the article differently than the writer intended. The article that was published on the Killeen Daily Herald titled “Killeen may use grant for homeless shelter” leads readers to believe many things that are not true. The article talks about Killeen having three…