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Holy Spirit Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The nature of the Holy Spirit is absolutely central in Christian theology and the development of a proper and orthodox idea of the church. But in terms of basic orthodoxy, one can baldly say that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity who has as his role the sanctification of the believer once his sins are washed away though the act of faith and love.[1] The Holy Spirit is God, not an appendage of God or a “vehicle” for His work, but an independent being who partakes in the essence of the Godhead. One of the better approaches to understanding the work of the Spirit as an independent actor who partakes in the nature of God is…

Holy Spirit in John’s Gospel

The person of the Spirit is mentioned 12 times  in Matthew’s Gospel Ghost, 6 times in Mark, Luke refers to him15 times  but John  does so 17 times. With these relatively small differences why is John’s gospel considered to be in someway more Spirit orientated than the writings of the evangelists? The answer lies in part in the ‘Signs’, events which the Synoptics refer to as ‘might works’. Each of these ‘Signs’ is accompanied by an explanatory word. There are none of the long addresses to the crowds found in the other gospels such as the Sermon on the Mount[1], nor is there a single parable. There are however discourses on the subjects of life, light, truth, judgment, Christ’s person…